Gemälde in hellen Farben einer Strandszene mit Personen die auf dem Boden sitzen, stehen oder in Strandkörben sitzen.
Max Liebermann, Am Strand von Noordwijk, 1908, private collection, photo: Christoph Irrgang, Hamburg

Coast in sight!

Max Liebermann in Noordwijk

Around 1905, Max Liebermann (1847–1935) got to know Noordwijk, an idyllic fishing village on the Dutch North Sea coast. Noordwijk quickly became one of his favorite places and a source of inspiration. Between 1905 and 1913 he spent every summer there, with one exception: 1910, his first summer in the newly built Villa on lake Wannsee, today’s Liebermann Villa. The more than 120 works created in Noordwijk are amazing documents of Max Liebermann’s growing fascination with the techniques and motifs of Impressionism. With the planned exhibition “Coast in sight! Max Liebermann in Noordwijk” the Noordwijk pictures are presented together for the first time.