Das Pastell stellt auf abstrakte Art den Wannsee dar, auf welchem einige Boote segeln. Ein zentral stehender Baum am Ufer teilt das Bild beinahe in zwei Hälften, seine Äste ragen von oben ins Bild hinein.

Collection & Research

Since its foundation in 1995, the Max Liebermann Society  has built up an art collection that today comprises around 150 works by Max Liebermann. The majority of the works are prints; in addition there are oil paintings, pastels and drawings. The collection forms the core of the permanent exhibition.

Long-term Loans

The collection and permanent exhibition of the Liebermann Villa contains a number of long-term loans. These come partly from museums – such as the Berlin National Gallery, which has supported the Liebermann-Villa since its opening – and from private collections in Germany and further afield. We also receive short-term loans from museums and private collections for our changing temporary exhibitions.


Detailansicht der Signatur von Max Liebermann auf einem Gemälde.

Provenance research

Thanks to a funding from the German Lost Art Foundation, the Liebermann Villa started a project in 2020 to research the provenance history of the Max Liebermann Society collection. The funding enables the Liebermann Villa, as a privately supported museum without public base funding, to actively participate in Nazi-era provenance research.

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Brief von Max Liebermann mit Datierung oben rechts, Brieftext mittig und einer Skizze von zwei Pferden mit Reitern

Liebermann’s Collected Letters

Between 2010 and 2021, the Liebermann Villa led a research project dedicated to Max Liebermann’s letters. The aim of this project was to publish all known and preserved letters to and from Max Liebermann. The project was supported by German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Hermann Reemtsma Foundation. The results were published in nine volumes between 2011 and 2021. These were published by the Deutschen Wissenschafts-Verlag publishing house.

Max Liebermann zeichnet auf einem Blatt Papier. Der Fotoausschnitt zeigt nur seine Hände, in der rechten hält er einen Stift.


The Liebermann villa houses a world-leading Library to Liebermann and his times, containing over 1000 titles, archive material and historical photographs. The library can be visited by appointment.

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