Am rechten Bildrand ist das Gesicht eines älteren Herrn mit Brille und Schnurrbart mit erkennbaren Pinselstrichen. Der Hintergrund ist leicht grau auf einer beigen Leinwand.
Max Liebermann, Portrait of Dr. Wilhelm Bode, 1904, Study, Detail, Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft, Foto: Peter Sierigk


New additions to the Liebermann Villa

In recent years, numerous new donations and permanent loans have enriched the Liebermann Villa’s collection. From 2 to 28 February 2022, ten of these highlights will be featured in a new exhibition, including paintings of the Wannsee Garden, portraits of well-known personalities and large-format drawings. The individual works are examined in detail: What is known about their origins? What can we say about the provenance histories of these objects? And how do they fit into Liebermann’s artistic development?


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