Eine große Gruppe Personen sitzt mit dem Rücken zur Kamera im Garten der Liebermann-Villa und schaut in Richtung der seeseitigen Fassade.


Support the Liebermann Villa and become a member of the Max Liebermann Society. Over 2,200 members support the museum and the garden with their annual contributions, numerous donations and their active commitment.

Your Benefits

Free admission

You get free entry to the Liebermann Villa and its garden during the regular opening times. Enjoy Max Liebermann’s summer house in every season.

Foto des Rosengartens der Liebermann-Villa mit pinken und roten Rosen. In der Mitte des Fotos ist eine Sonnenuhr auf einem Sockel.


In addition to the exclusive guided tours for members through our current exhibitions, concerts, readings, lectures and much more await you!

Eine große Gruppe Personen sitzt frontal zur Kamera im Garten der Liebermann-Villa. Im Vordergrund sitzen mehrere Musiker mit dem Rücken zur Kamera.

Annual general meeting

We regularly invite you to the annual general meeting. The director and the board members will inform you about the latest developments, visitor numbers and planned projects. Do you have an idea or suggestions? The gathering provides space for feedback and questions.

Blick auf die Frontseite der Liebermann-Villa mit grünem Rasen und einigen Buchsbäumen davor.

Members’ letter

At regular intervals we provide you with extensive information in our members’ letter, including news from the Liebermann Villa, project announcements and exhibition invitations.

Nahansicht des Mitgliederbriefs der Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft mit Logo der Liebermann-Villa

Rent discount

As a member of the Max Liebermann Society, you receive a 10% discount on the rent when you rent the garden or jetty of the Liebermann Villa.

Die Fotografie zeigt den weißen Steg der Liebermann-Villa, dahinter liegt der blaue Wannsee. Das Grün eines Baumes ragt von links oben ins Bild hinein.

Become a member

Become a member of the Max Liebermann Society now. Simply fill out the application form (currently in German) at the bottom of this page. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can reach us via E-Mail or phone 030/805859020. Thank you very much!