Mit Efeu bewachsene Frontseite der Liebermann-Villa mit vielen bunten Pflanzen und hohen Bäumen

Garden. Donation. Future

We’ve planned important major projects in our garden until 2024. In order to counteract the consequences of climate change in Berlin, our watering system must be made more sustainable. The box trees attacked by pests have to be replaced with new varieties. And after 16 years of successful museum operation, our flower beds and paths have to be renewed. We’re preparing Liebermann’s garden for the future – and we need your help!

Donate Now

Help us to prepare Liebermann’s garden for the future. Donate directly via PayPal or to the account of the Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft Berlin e.V., IBAN: DE62 1005 0000 0191 1564 50, BIC: BELADEBEXXX, intended use “Garten”. We’re thankful for every donation!

Your Donation

Blick auf den Birkenweg mit der Liebermann-Villa im Hintergrund

For our watering system

The consequences of climate change can also be felt in Berlin. Due to the increasingly dry summers, the lawn has to be watered more regularly. This is currently done by pop-up sprinklers. The water from the sprinklers evaporates quickly or reaches unwanted places – like our paths. That is why we are making our watering system more sustainable and are installing a drip system in some parts of the garden, such as our flower terrace or our forecourt.

Frontseite der Liebermann-Villa mit blühenden Beeten davor. Links im Bild lässt sich ein Stück des Museumsshops erkennen.

For Our Box Trees

Box trees are central plants in the Liebermann Villa’s garden. But we are not spared from fungal infestations and the notorious box tree moth. In exchange with research centers and other gardening institutions, we replace the pest-attacked boxwood plants with boxwood-like species.

Foto des Rosengartens der Liebermann-Villa mit pinken und roten Rosen. In der Mitte des Fotos ist eine Sonnenuhr auf einem Sockel.

For our Soil

A special gem of our garden is the wonderfully fragrant rose garden. Red, pink and white flowers invite you to day-dream. The beautiful color of the red geraniums on the summer flower terrace is also an important part of the historic garden. So the flowers continue to shine and are well supplied with nutrients again, the soil in the beds must be replaced after 15 years of monoculture.

For our path areas

After more than a million visitors, the paths in the kitchen garden, the lawn and the beds on the Liebermann Villa grounds also need our attention. By 2024 we will improve the path areas with a new surface layer, rework the paved areas and strengthen our beds. We have already achieved a lot since 2019. Read more about this below.

Our Future

The planned projects are to be implemented by 2024. Taking into account the gardening season, we plan the implementation in the following steps:

2022 – Spring

  • Flower terrace
  • Forecourt
  • Garden lighting

2022 – autumn

  • Rose Garden

2023 – spring

  • Oval garden
  • Linden tree square

2023 – autumn

  • Long beds in the kitchen garden

2024 – spring

  • Paths in the kitchen garden

Our donation goal

A total of € 160,000 is required for the future of the Liebermann Villa’s garden. Thanks for your support!


With our own contribution, we were able to finalize the revision of the paths in the following sections:

  • 2019: Oval garden and promenade
  • 2020: Birkenweg, access to the hedge garden and paths to the lake
  • 2021: Flower terrace and linden tree square


We thank you in advance for your support!