Detailansicht der Signatur von Max Liebermann auf einem Gemälde.
Max Liebermann, Blick aus dem Nutzgarten nach Osten, um 1919, Detail, © Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft, Photo: Oliver Ziebe

Provenance research

Researching the collection of the Max Liebermann Society

Thanks to a funding from the German Lost Art Foundation, the Liebermann Villa started a project in December 2020 to research the provenance history of the Max Liebermann Society collection.

The aim of the project is to investigate the provenance of 73 artworks from the collection, 71 of which are by Max Liebermann. The works to be investigated were acquired or donated to the museum between 1995 and 2013, and comprise oil paintings, drawings, pastels, watercolors, and prints.

About the Project

The funding enables the Liebermann Villa, as a private museum, to actively participate in NS-era provenance research and to work towards fair and just solutions.


Private actors, public memory and provenance research: Contextualising the Liebermann-Villa, Berlin

Beginning in autumn 2022, the Open Oxford Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership will offer a funded doctoral position at the University of Oxford, supervised by Professor Dr. Abigail Green (University of Oxford) and Dr. Lucy Wasensteiner (Liebermann Villa on Lake Wannsee). For more information on the research project, click here.


Alice Cazzola
Project Management